Welcome to a paradise for ATV Riders

Paquette's Camp is located on the edge of the largest game preserve in the world, which has a network of old logging roads and trails. There are hundreds upon hundreds of miles to explore, with many loops where riders can begin at and return to our camp. We have gasoline and plenty of parking areas for trailers.

The Chapleau Crown Game Preserve is a haven for a multitude of different animals. ATV riders may see moose, bear, beavers, mink, lynx, wolves, and many other types of animals. The rugged beauty of the Northern Ontario wilderness is truly captured when travelling through the game preserve via ATV.

ATV trips can take as little as 2 hours or an entire day. There are terrains suitable for both inexperienced riders as well as for those who would like a little more challenge.

Every season has a unique appeal for the ATV enthusiast. In the spring, riders can witness nature "waking up" after the long winter. In the summer, the whole day can easily be spent exploring in the warm sunshine. Autumn brings the beauty of the leaves changing colours. The grouse come out to play as the geese are heading for warmth.

Chapleau is a small Northern Ontario community located about 15 miles from our camp. It is an ATV user-friendly town, which means that ATVs can legally be driven on most of the streets. This gives ATV riders an opportunity to take a ride into Chapleau for a meal at one of the restaurants, or just to check out the town.

For an added adventure, ATV riders are welcome to take along fishing poles and stop for a few casts into the many lakes and rivers the roads and trails pass by. Whatever you have in mind for your own ideal ATV journey, Paquette's Camp is sure to please.

You will need to bring:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of insurance
  • Helmets