Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass fishing is a must-try on Wangoon Lake. Being a typical Canadian Shield lake, Wangoon's islands, shoals and rocky points provide the perfect environment to grow large bass populations. Smallmouth bass are notorious for the hard fights they put up when hooked. They are an incredibly fun, exciting fish to catch whether you are a professional angler or a newcomer to the world of fishing.

The Smallmouth Bass in our lake average about 1 pound but there are many bass up to the 5-pound mark being caught. Early spring to mid June is the prime time for bass as they have just finished spawning and are concentrated in the shallows.

Small spinner baits, small crank baits, tube worms, night crawlers and minnows all work well in our lake. Some of the bigger bass can be caught in the deeper water with tube worms.


  • Limit: 6 bass with a sport license. 2 bass with a conservation license.

  • Restrictions: No size restrictions

  • Open Season: Open all year.